2002 Golf Tournament

We would like to thank all the particapants in this years tournament. We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did and that we will see ya next year!!! Remember turn in your entry forms early and before the dead line. Visit the photos pages to see pictures from the tournament, and if you have any photos or stories to share from this years tournament, past tournaments or of Jeff please send them in and we will get them put on the web site. And please take a moment to sign our guestbook.


1st Place
2nd Place

Team: 17A
Score: 38.0

Team: 18A
Score: 39.7
Mike Sanders
Chris Stoy
Dave Berry
Jon Stoy
Dean Hunt
Dan Masters
Jon Menzes
Brad Gray

Brandon Sanders

Gary Morton
3rd Place
4th Place
Team: 1B
Score: 40.2
Team: 16B
Chuck Filson
Rodney O'Conner
Rich Cathcart
Hal Dillashaw
John Paul
Mike Hayes
John Overton
John Kelley
Tom Walker
Kristofen Saunders
5th Place
6th Place
Team: 4B
Team: 8
Score: 41.5
Sonny Canepa
Paul Rouzer
Sharon Canepa
Richard Addington
Tom Darden
Mike Drummond
Kathy Darden
Brian McElroy
Dave Venters
Victor Rodriguez
7th Place
8th Place
Team: 10A
Score: 42.0
Team: 18B
Score: 42.0
Jeff Laird
Lance McColloch
Scott Durham
Fred Llites
Lacey Shipman
Jim Serna
Rick Tschimpeale
Brian Kane
George Pate
9th Place
10th Place
Team: 4A
Score: 42.1
Team: 7B
Score: 42.3
Jeff Allen
Pete Silva
Mike Modrell
Wayne Felts
Dave Ponie
Brian Huse
Shane Avey
Alan Kamorini Jr
Richard Inks
Michael White
11th Place
12th Place
Team: 1C
Score: 43.3
Team: 3
Score: 43.4
Jim Gordon
Ken Foley
Bence Gordon
Harold Price
John Gordon
Bart Hanford
Justin Gordon
Steve Ohlrich
Todd Eising
Wayne Srehling
13th Place
14th Place
Team: 14
Score: 43.6
Team: 10B
Score: 44.0
Bob Turner
Mike Nash
Bill Ratterman
Rick Darby
Mike Fleck
Daniel Ayala
Bob Mariani
John Wilson
Fritz Neckel
Ray Thengual
15th Place
16th Place
Team: 1A
Score: 44.7
Team: 9A
Score: 45.1
Gerry Holmes
John Brophy
Mark Holmes
Sean Brophy
Lee Holmes
Rick Frost
Pat Kallal
Stan Ericsson
Steve Ottaway
Pat McCarthy
17th Place
18th Place
Team: 2B
Score: 46.0
Team: 6
Score: 46.2
Jim Burns
Vern Ball
Kathy Burns
Sue Ball
Ray Donovan
Earle Dills
Curly Pokriots
Mary Dills
Bobbie Pokriots
Dan Dills
19th Place
20th Place
Team: 5
Score: 46.5
Team: 12A
Score: 46.5
Tom Owen
Ken Sadler
Max Strand
Sean Weaver
Scott Strand
Dale Eckhardt
Tommy Overton
Joe Azevedo
John Burita
Dave Perez
21st Place
22nd Place
Team: 7A
Score: 46.7
Team: 11A
Score: 46.8
Rick Winkler
Frank Brophy
Doug Davis
Rick Soracco
Geo Loomis
Scott Soracco
Bill Davis
Jerome Nelson
Bob Sanders
Don Marshal
23rd Place
24th Place
Team: 11B
Score: 47.6
Team: 15
Score: 47.8
Tom Romback
Gordon Sadler
Darvin Diede
James Kern
John Martin
Vern Johnson
Randy Eckles
Derek Oliver
Mike Robert
Jeff Lewis
25th Place
26th Place
Team: 2A
Score: 48.0
Team: 17B
Score: 49.0
Minda Filson
Darrel Kiesz
Roz Cathcart
Fred Smith
Teddi Paul
Chad Dewalt
Debra Walker
Tim Dalley
Mathew Kiesz
27th Place
28th Place
Team: 13
Score: 51.0
Team: 16A
Score: 51.4
Gary Loomis
Tim Toth
Alan Ramorini
Jay Luly
Keith Stevens
Bill Hutchison
Larry Baker
Ross Alford
29th Place
Longest Drive
Team: 9B
Score: 59.0
Men: Mike Robert
Women: Minda Filson
Kevin Grant
Closest to the Pin
Hole #2: Brandon Sanders 2'4"
Hole #7: Mike White 3'1"
Hole #12: John Brophy 6'8"
Hole #14: John Brophy 3'0"

Contact: Mike Sanders